How to Avoid Dangerous Health Problems

Your favorite bands aren’t the one points that make headlines when summer time season music competitors season is in full swing — yearly, there are moreover data tales of people turning into dangerously unwell and even dying at these events.

Actually, summer time season music festivals is often a wonderful storm of heat, dehydration and drug use that will lead to deadly penalties.

Dwell Science spoke to specialists who’re accustomed to the outcomes of these treatment about what to watch out for this summer time season — and learn the way to maintain protected.

Referring to treatment at these events, the biggest disadvantage is lastly the damaging decision-making that goes hand-in-hand with drug use, said Dr. Lewis Nelson, a toxicologist and emergency treatment physician at New York Faculty Langone Medical Center. People do points they might not often do, like taking an extreme quantity of of a drug, mixing substances or interacting with totally different of us in strategies they often wouldn’t, he said.

Some types of treatment which may be significantly problematic at festivals are stimulants and synthetic cannabinoids, Nelson said. Synthetic cannabinoids are marketed as being identical to marijuana, nonetheless throughout the physique, they act further like stimulants, he added.

Dr. Ihsan Salloum, a psychiatrist and the chief of the division of substance and alcohol abuse on the Faculty of Miami’s Miller Faculty of Treatment, well-known that marijuana and hallucinogens, equivalent to LSD and mushrooms, are moreover widespread at music festivals.

Alcohol will also be a severe participant throughout the effectively being points that people have at fests, Salloum knowledgeable Dwell Science.

People at festivals usually drink whereas they’re using totally different treatment, Salloum said. Alcohol can cut back a person’s common resistance to totally different substances — on this fashion, it acts as a facilitator to using further treatment, he added.

And mixing alcohol with totally different treatment can lead to the formation of newest compounds all through the physique, Salloum said. As an illustration, if a person makes use of alcohol and cocaine collectively, the liver sorts a substance that may very well be a combination of the two that will actually be further toxic than each may very well be within the occasion that they’ve been used alone, he said.

Toxic compounds are moreover acknowledged to kind throughout the physique when of us combine alcohol with opioids, and it’s attainable that totally different substances may kind from totally different new combos throughout the physique, nonetheless few have been studied, Salloum added.

How to Avoid Dangerous Health Problems

Lastly, alcohol moreover exacerbates one different enormous risk concern: dehydration.

Heat, dehydration and totally different penalties

Whatever the variety of treatment found at music festivals, what usually lastly kills of us is overheating and turning into dehydrated, Nelson knowledgeable Dwell Science.

At summer time season festivals, it’s scorching out, and people are dancing — a person loses loads of fluid this trend, Nelson said. Nonetheless everytime you sweat out fluid, you aren’t merely shedding water, you’re moreover shedding electrolytes, equivalent to sodium and potassium, he said. Points turn into dangerous when a person solely replaces water and by no means electrolytes, because of this can lead to life-threatening electrolyte imbalances, he said.

It is rather like working a marathon, Nelson said. Marathon runners need to interchange every water and electrolytes all through a race, in another case they’re going to get very sick, he said. Actually, working spherical for quite a lot of hours throughout the photo voltaic with out altering fluids is dangerous even with out together with drug or alcohol use into the mix, he added.

As an illustration, the middle shall be affected by an electrolyte imbalance.

Potassium is an electrolyte that helps regulate the rhythm of a person’s coronary coronary heart, Salloum said. If a person doesn’t have adequate potassium, he or she could develop rhythm points throughout the coronary coronary heart, which can set off the middle to stop beating, he said.

And at a music competitors, individuals who discover themselves already shedding water and electrolytes may skip consuming or ingesting because of they’re so stimulated from treatment, he said. This will worsen the imbalance, and on prime of that, taking stimulants may additionally elevate physique temperature — a scenario known as hyperthermia — which will also be very dangerous.

The combo of hyperthermia with an electrolyte imbalance can lead to extreme points with any organ throughout the physique, along with the thoughts, which can begin to swell, Nelson said. Actually, when of us at music fests die, they often die as a consequence of multisystem organ failure, he said.

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